Community Support Services helps individuals transition from an inpatient setting to a community setting and/or assist those needing skill building to stay independent in their own home.

Services include but are not limited to the following assistance:

  • representative payeeship;
  • learning and performing activities of daily living (e.g. hygiene, grocery shopping, laundry);
  • assistance trying to locate housing and/or shelter;
  • identification of personal recovery/resiliency plan (WRAP);
  • support and advocacy;
  • assistance linking to financial resources in the community (e.g. for medication payment);
  • assistance linking to primary care physician;
  • assistance with public entitlements (e.g. SSA, Medicaid);
  • medication education and monitoring;
  • skill building in natural setting (70% of services are done in client's home/community);
  • crisis intervention and assistance getting into hospital/temporary shelter;
  • education on psychiatric diagnosis and treatment options;
  • discussion of stigma;
  • family interventions/support/education;
  • community-based therapy.