Adolescent Portable Therapy: A Practical Guide for Service Providers

Adolescent Portable Therapy: A Practical Guide for Service Providers
Author: Evan Elkin, M.A., Vera Institute of Justice, New York, NY

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Evan Elkin, M.A.

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Adolescent Portable Therapy (APT) is an intensive family- and community-based intervention developed to treat adolescents who are heavy substance abusers. APT was created to serve juvenile justice-involved adolescents and their families as the young people move through the justice system and reenter the community. The APT model is designed to be flexible enough to be adapted to other environments and with other client populations where a home-based family therapy intervention is indicated.

The APT manual is a practice and reference guide for service providers interested in implementing APT. The manual provides a theoretical framework as well as procedures, techniques and case examples, and is designed to serve as a flexible resource for providers seeking to engage and motivate families throughout treatment.

The APT manual emphasizes:

  • Strength-based approaches to assessment and treatment
  • Integrating Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) and Family Therapy techniques
  • Practical steps for helping the adolescent reconnect with school
  • Techniques for helping the adolescent and family to function within larger systems
  • Collaborative strategies for providing treatment within and across complex subsystems within juvenile justice
  • Guidelines for staffing and field-based family therapy supervision

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