Case Management Manual for Adolescent Substance Abusers

Case Management Manual for Adolescent Substance Abusers
Author: S. H. Godley

"This manual provides specific information for case managers and serves as an educational resource for students. It addresses continuity of care issues in a very practical, lifelike manner. The manual is logically organized and gives a fine overview of adolescent treatment issues." --Barbara S. Thomas, College of Nursing, University of Iowa

This manual is a practical, step-by-step guide to developing and implementing case management services for adolescent substance abusers. Field-tested and used by adolescent substance abuse programs with differing clientele and settings, this manual addresses:

  • Case Management During Screening, Residential Treatment and Continuing Care
  • Legal Issues
  • Supporting and Supervising Case Managers
  • Client Tracking and Reporting
  • The Case Manager's Role on the Treatment Team
  • Urine Screening Procedures
  • Continuing Care Groups

Sample case management forms are included in this comprehensive manual.

126 PAGES 1995 
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