Chestnut Health Systems Treatment Manual Chestnut Health Systems Treatment Manual
Authors: S. H. Godley, R. A. Risberg, L. Adams, A. Sodetz

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This comprehensive manual describes the Chestnut Health Systems (Chestnut) outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment programs, which have been evolving since 1985, when Chestnut first started a treatment program to address the needs of adolescents who have alcohol- and drug-related problems. The treatment approach of Chestnut is eclectic and draws from Rogerian, behavioral, cognitive, and reality therapies and incorporates 12-Step concepts and approaches. The approach has been highlighted by Drug Strategies in Treating Teens: A Guide to Adolescent Drug Programs. A quasi-experimental evaluation, which compared the Chestnut outpatient approach to research-based outpatient interventions, showed that adolescents in both groups reported decreased frequency of use, substance problems, emotional problems, illegal activities, school problems, and family problems. Adolescents receiving the Chestnut intervention showed greater improvement in their recovery environment, self-help attendance, and emotional problems, while adolescents participating in the research-based interventions had greater reductions in substance use.

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