Individual Substance Abuse Counseling (ISAC) Training Manual

Individual Substance Abuse Counseling (ISAC) Training Manual
Authors: M. L. Dennis, J. A. Fairbank, A. J. Bonito, K. M. Rourke, G. T. Karuntzos, E. J. Roland, J. M. Caddell, M. G. Woods, J. V. Rachal, K. E. Bossert, and M. E. Burks

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This manual, based on extensive research in the areas of substance abuse treatment outcome, psychotherapy, and therapist impact, describes a protocol for making chemical dependency treatment more effective with regard to identifying individual counseling and service needs. Originally designed for the Methadone Enhanced Treatment (MET) study, and revised for the Training and Employment Program (TEP), the manual has been revised to be applicable to a wide variety of treatment settings.

Topics discussed within this manual include:

  • Conducting standardized client needs assessments
  • Development of individualized treatment plans
  • Implementation of problem-solving counseling techniques
  • Techniques for maximizing treatment effect by working with other staff

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