TCU Guide Maps: A Resource for Counselors

TCU Guide Maps: A Resource for Counselors
Authors: S. M. Dees, and D. F. Dansereau

This manual takes the reader through a quick visual display of a counselor's use of "guide" maps with participants in a 4-month substance abuse treatment program. It also gives a brief synopsis of the research that supports the use of these maps in counseling, and provides over 50 maps that can be easily removed from the manual and duplicated for use in a variety of counseling or other activities. Guide maps were briefly introduced in an earlier manual (Mapping New Roads To Recovery, Lighthouse Institute Publishing, 1993). As explained on page 6 of the manual, these maps are "pre-structured ‘mini-interviews’: the fill-in-the-space format guides an individual's thinking within a specific framework (e.g., personal strengths, goals) but allows ample freedom for self expression." The maps are designed for both group and individual work, and can complement a variety of counseling approaches.

Map categories in the "Choose and Use" section are:

  • Dr. C's Treatment Packet
  • Dealing with Myself
  • Dealing with Other People
  • Planning Ahead
  • Decision Making, and Problem Solving
  • Learning from Situations
  • Dealing with Substance Abuse
  • Dealing with HIV/AIDS
  • General Maps

This publication is bound in a 3-ring binder for easy removal and copying of guide maps.

126 PAGES 2000 
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