Approaches to HIV/AIDS Education in Drug Treatment

Approaches to HIV/AIDS Education in Drug Treatment
Authors: N. Bartholomew, N., & D. D. Simpson

This easy-to-follow manual is designed to assist substance abuse treatment professionals in leading educational group on HIV/AIDS. The manual features a 4-session core curriculum that addresses HIV transmission, safer sex and injection practices, HIV testing, and personal risk reduction. Stand alone teaching outlines also are provided for creative exercises and activities that promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. In addition, the manual features an extensive resource section with articles, a glossary of terminology, bibliographies, and listings of audio-visual materials. A valuable teaching tool and finger-tip reference for promoting HIV/AIDS education.

Among the topics covered are:

  • HIV/AIDS Update
  • Assertiveness skills for HIV risk reduction
  • HIV testing issues
  • Risk reduction and personal choice
  • Understanding the immune system

187 PAGES 1994
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