Downward Spiral (College Edition): The Game You Really Don't Want to Play

Downward Spiral (College Edition): The Game You Really Don't Wan't to Play
Authors: M. Czuchry, T.  Sia, D. F.  Danereau, and J.  Blakenship

This manual provides counselors with step-by-step instructions for creating the College Version of the board game Downward Spiral, which depicts realistic consequences that could occur to a student who continues to abuse alcohol (although illicit drugs are also included). Lifelike scenarios, facts, and quotes stimulate discussion and increase motivation to make personal changes. In the College Version of Downward Spiral, the scenarios have been tailored to the college setting. Research has shown that the game increases students’ intentions to change behavior. Downward Spiral-the College Version provides an engaging, non-threatening format which is backed by field testing with students, clients, counselors, and scientists. The final product, which you create, has the look and feel of other board games such as Monopoly.

This manual includes step-by-step directions on:

  • Putting the game together
  • How to play the game
  • Discussion topics
  • Over 350 College Version game cards with scenarios, facts, and quotes
  • The essential materials for creating as many games as you need*
  • Background on the research which supports its use
* additional materials such as dice and paper will be needed

182 PAGES 1998
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