The Assertive Continuing Care Protocol: A Clinicians’s Manual for Working with Adolescents After Res

The Assertive Continuing Care Protocol: A Clinicians’s Manual for Working with Adolescents After Residential Treatment for Alcohol and Other Substance Use Disorders (2nd Edition)

Authors: Susan Harrington Godley, Rh.D., Mark D. Godley, Ph.D., Tracy Karvinen, M.A., Laura L. Slown, B.A., and Kelli L. Wright, B.S.



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Dr. Susan Harrington Godley

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Studies by the research group at Chestnut Health Systems, and other adolescent treatment researchers indicate that 60 percent or more of treated adolescents return to substance use after residential treatment within the first 3 months of discharge. The vast majority of these youth will use within the first 30 days after leaving residential treatment. The Assertive Continuing Care protocol seeks to minimize the time between discharge and the first continuing care appointment by engaging in home visits and telephone support. These “assertive” methods of reaching the clients require that the case manager assume the responsibility for completing continuing care appointments rather than the traditional office-based appointment model. This manual describes procedures and techniques for initiating and providing community based services to adolescents with substance use disorders. In addition to this manual, the practice of Assertive Continuing Care requires the use of the

Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach Manual

developed for the Cannabis Youth Treatment Study.



This manual is divided into sections that provide:


  • An overview
  • Core activities
  • Clinical issues and problem situations
  • References
  • Implementation and resources needed
  • Structure and session format
  • Protocol monitoring / Quality assurance
  • Additional resources


60 PAGES   SOFT COVER   2006






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