The Next Step: Etiology and Treatment of Addiction

The Next Step: Etiology and Treatment of Addiction Author: J. Rosenfeld

This book discusses the lack of a widely-accepted paradigm within the field concerning both the cause and treatment of chemical dependency. The author points out that a wide array of theories exist regarding this issue but that none are capable of fully explaining why addiction occurs and how it should be treated. The book describes the philosophies of these models, as well as the strong and weak points of each. Rosenfeld describes the "Addiction Model ", which borrows the best elements of the other models and is based on the assumption that addicted persons require individualized treatment and that there is a need to utilize a variety of techniques in order to assist these individuals in achieving a state of wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

135 PAGES   SOFT COVER   1995
ISBN: 0-938475-06-1

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