Time Out! For Men

Time Out! For Men
Authors: N. Bartholomew and D. D. Simpson

The Time Out! For Men manual was developed as a companion piece for the Time Out! For Me workshop for women. The manual provides substance abuse treatment professionals with guidelines for a workshop for men who are interested in improving their intimate relationships. Communication skills, self-esteem, sexual health, and expressing feelings are presented as a foundation for helping men find solutions for relationship difficulties. In addition, men are encouraged to explore gender stereotypes, sexual myths, and sexual identities that operate in society. A reference section on human sexuality is also provided.

This 8-session workshop uses discussion, information sharing, and structured activities to address the following topics:

  • A New Outlook on Relationships
  • Listening
  • Talk it over-Part II: Resolving conflict
  • Loving relationships
  • The Assertive Attitude
  • Talk it Over-Part I: Feelings and needs
  • Man Talk: It's more than plumbing
  • Making relationships work

229 PAGES 1996

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