Chestnut Health Systems' Medication Plus Program is a unique appointment system for adults 18 and over allow them to receive multiple services during the same appointment time. No more running from one appointment to another on different days. All services are offered in a two hour block of time.

The Medication Plus Program is working to meet a growing need in our community for persons who need medication for psychiatric concerns and who are experiencing difficulty finding a prescriber who is willing to take new Medicaid clients.

Due to the high demand for services, we are unable to accept walk in appointments. Patients must have an appointment. In most instances, patients are able to get an appointment within five to seven working days from the initial call to us.

Services Offered Through Medication Plus:

  • Psychiatric and Medication Services - Our professional psychiatric Nurse Practioner (APN) will provide a thorough evaluation and appropriate medication deemed necessary. Nursing staff are here to measure vital signs and wellness concerns.
  • Assistance with Obtaining Benefits and Access to Resources Available - Our staff are here to help you with public aid, food stamps, Social Security, transportation, housing and access to other resources available in our community.
  • Crisis Intervention - If you are experiencing a crisis, our staff will provide one-on-one Crisis Intervention during your Medication Plus visit. In addition, our Crisis hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (618.877.0316).
  • Genoa Pharmacy - Chestnut Health Systems has a pharmacy onsite. Genoa Pharmacy is located at our Belleville and Granite City offices and can fill prescriptions while you wait.

Hours of Service:

Medication Plus service is offered on Friday and alternates between Chestnut's Belleville and Granite City locations. Specific times will be assigned when when the first appointment is made and at follow up visits thereafter.

Initial Appointment:

The initial visit may take up to two hours as trained staff evaluate the patient's needs and help establish goals to meet those needs. Follow up visits will require significantly less time.


New referrals are welcomed and Chestnut accepts new Medicaid clients. To make a referral, contact our Medication Plus Coordinator at 618.877.4420.