Through funding from the Illinois Department of Human Services the Chestnut Health Systems Central Region Prevention office provides the communities in Logan County and Mason County with prevention services. These services range from assisting local community prevention coalitions in the strategic prevention framework to running two large communication campaigns with in each county.

Local Coalitions

Havana Area Prevention Team

The Havana Area Prevention Team is a long established coalition with the focus on promoting comprehensive community wide prevention efforts and empowering youth and families to develop and lead healthy lifestyles. The group is made up of several community sectors who are working on currently addressing the issues of underage drinking in the Havana community. 


Citizens for Positive Adolescent Choices (CPAC) 

CPAC is a coalition of parents, educators, and community leaders from within the multiple communities that form the Illini Central School District #189. The goal of the group is to promote, model, and teach positive life choices for students within the Illini Central School District. 


Healthy Communities Partnership

The Healthy Communities Partnership (HCP) is a community collaboration connecting over 50 organizations and churches in support of Logan County and its residents. The partnership strives to create the healthiest community in America. The HCP is funded by local donations, grants and the Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation. The mission of HCP is to improve the quality of life for the people and the communities we serve. 

 Goals of the group are:

  • Increase healthy outcomes.  
  • Increase healthy behaviors.
  • Increase access to quality healthcare services.
Healthy Communities Partnership has specific task forces to address these goals:  

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Destructive Behaviors Task Force - promoting alcohol and tobacco prevention and promoting healthy behaviors among the youth of Logan County.
  • Cardio-Diabesity Task Force - Addressing the obesity epidemic in Logan County which is creating above average rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Healthy Families/Education Task Force - Identifying ways to support healthy family dynamics through parenting education.
  • Senior Issues Task Force - Collaborating to address needs of local seniors. 

Communication Campaigns 

Mason County 

In Mason County a community wide communication campaign is currently being implemented.

The objectives are:

  • Increasing the percentage of students who report adults in their communities think it is wrong/very wrong for someone their age to drink alcohol.
  • Decreasing the percentage of students in Mason County who report having been supplied alcohol by adults with the adult’s permission.  
Messages for this campaign are posted throughout the county. Click here to see the current campaign brochure.

Logan County

In Logan County a parent-focused prevention communication campaign is currently being implemented. The objectives for this campaign are to increase the percentage of parents who set clear rules and communicate about alcohol and drug use with their children and to increase parents’ monitoring of their teen’s activities.  

"Parents Matter" educational materials are being distributed to parents of junior high and high school students throughout the county. Click here to see the current campaign brochure.

For more information about this campaign, contact Nadia Klekamp via email at: