Chestnut Health Systems' prevention programs provide community based education and training programs to all age groups. Prevention is everyone's business.

Whether you are a student, parent, educator, health professional, civic leader, business person, or concerned citizen, you can play a role in prevention.

BN Parents

BN Parents is a broad-based coalition focused on reducing underage substance use and related harms among high school students in Bloomington-Normal. They have been delivering support information to parents since 2012. In 2017, they also started delivering messaging to teens themselves through the ALWAYS UNSTOPPABLE campaign.

The coalitions greatest accomplishments and strength lies in the community partnerships that have been developed across the Bloomington-Normal community. These partnerships assist the coalition in getting support information to parents and teens where they are at, when they need it.

The coalition has two developed websites and and multiple other social media channels delivering messaging to parents and teens. A favorite of parents is the BN Parents Facebook page. There are over 4,200 parents that like and follow the BN Parents Facebook page to get ongoing support and tips.

Bloomington-Normal Campus Committee (BNCCC)

The BNCCC was formed in 2005 to address issues related to the misuse of alcohol by college students in Bloomington/Normal. The overall mission, which now applies to local teens and pre-teens as well as college students, is to reduce high-risk drinking (binge and underage) and related consequences among Bloomington-Normal students. To accomplish this, the BNCCC works to bring stakeholders from across the community together to improve outcomes for students and families.

Information on the overall coalition can be found at